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The Chinese Embassy in Guyana Held Briefing on 50 Years of China-Guyana Diplomatic Relations & Launched Online Photo Exhibition
2022-06-21 06:00

On June 20, H.E. Ambassador Guo Haiyan held a briefing on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Guyana, introducing the achievements of cooperation in various fields in the past half century, and prospects of bilateral relations in the future. 

Ambassador Guo pointed out that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, bilateral relations have been growing steadily with fruitful cooperation in various fields. Regarding to political relations,the two countries have developed a bilateral relationship featuring equality, mutual respect and mutual support. There have been interactions between the leaders of the two countries at different times. In 2021, President Ali held a telephone conversation with President Xi Jinping. The two heads of state exchanged ideas on issues of common concerns and drew a new blueprint for the development of China-Guyana relations. Regarding to economic cooperation, both countries  have been strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation and common development and prosperity. Chinese enterprises actively participate in the fields of infrastructure, energy, mining, processing, etc., and make contribution to the economic development of Guyana. Regarding to people to people exchanges, the two peoples treat each other as friends with sincerity. China has been all along supporting Guyana in its efforts to advance social development through scholarships, medical teams, capacity building and other means. Exchanges in the fields of culture, education, sports between the two countries have been carried out continuously, promoting China-Guyana people-to-people bonds.

Ambassador Guo stated that China and Guyana are both developing countries, and there are many similarities in their development philosophy, development goals and interests. China is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Guyana on the people-centered development, green and sustainable development, and promote the coordination between  China's "14th 5 year plan and Vision for 2035", "Dual-Carbon Goal" and Guyana's "One Guyana", "Low-Carbon Development Strategy 2030" , share development experience, and help each other to achieve development goals. China is willing to make full use of the "Belt and Road", China-Caribbean Development Center, China-CELAC Forum and other multilateral and bilateral cooperation platforms to push China-Guyana cooperation to a higher level. Ambassador Guo also briefly introduced the "Global Development Report" released by China on the same day, and welcomed Guyana to join the Global Development Initiative.

After the briefing, Ambassador Guo Haiyan launched the Online Photo Exhibition on the 50 years of diplomatic relations between China and Guyana.

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